Exhibition for Kazakhstan "Perspectives of Large Housing Developments - Experiences from Germany"

The exhibition of the Competence Center for Large Housing Estates e.V. "Perspectives of Large Housing Estates - Experiences from Germany" documents the comprehensive process of urban development of residential areas that were built between 1920 and 1980. The special features and main topics of their further development such as energy modernization and renovation, urban renewal, building reconstruction, adaptation of the housing stock to the needs of different generations and social stabilization are presented using exemplary projects.

For the general public in Kazakhstan, the exhibition is organized within the framework of the European Union project ENABLE - CIVIL SOCIETY FOR A SUSTAINABLE AND ENERGY EFFICIENT CITY. The project is implemented by the organization IWO e.V. - Initiative "Housing Industry in Eastern Europe", which is one of the members of our association.

During the exhibition in Kazakhstan, the panels in Russian and the translation of the text of the panels in Kazakh can be downloaded from our website.

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Exhibition "Perspectives of Large Housing Developments - Experiences from Germany"